150th Gettysburg Reenactment Photos: Day 2

  • 07/12/2013

Day 2:  150th Gettysburg Reenactment Photographs

Day 2 events included Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, The Wheat Field and The Peach Orchard.  The photographs taken depict behind battle scenes and more.  What we remember most about Day 2 is the physical affects of fatigue caused by forming up, moving with positioning troops, and then following them through rough terrain to sketch and takes pics as we all progressed through the various events.  Dixie was especially tired – as she had suffered heat exhaustion on Day 1 – but what a trooper she was – overcoming her affliction to take some hard-to-get photographs while working as an Ice Angel.  Good job, my Sweet!  In the featured photo following I had recognized my Ice Angle in the trees and tipped my hat to her photographic valor!

 Moving To The Line


150th Gettysburg Reenactment Photos: Day 1

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Doc & Dixie Wiley