A Drawing That Inspires

  • 05/02/2016

“NoWhere To Hide”

Have you ever glanced at artwork that snagged your attention and made you look more closely?

Did it bring memories, inform, and make you feel a part of something bigger than yourself?

Did it make you want to share it with others and create something meaningful yourself?

Among the many definitions, to inspire means: “to spur on and to breath life into”.  It also refers to “the action necessary to move, motivate, empower, and expand the intellect or emotions”.  And, it means “to draw in then guide”.

The illustration “NoWhere To Hide” is just such a work.

NoWhere To Hide


“NoWhere To Hide” took 600 hours to produce, honors American history, and pays tribute to the many who have fought for our freedom and stood as sentinels on our walls.  Viewers of the illustration are often “drawn into another world” as they recognize familiar historical content and begin to reflect on the impact of technology and the contributions made by many upon the world stage.

At first sight the audience may go silent, but then the questions come.  They usually appreciate the significance of, say, the naval battle scene between the Monitor and Merrimack in 1862.  But, they may not grasp why other entries are important; like the Confederate Hybrid Fuel Rocket that was launched from Richmond at Washington, D.C. with Confederate President Jefferson Davis present; the first use of a strategic-level rocket in the first “modern” war.

“NoWhere To Hide” showcases over 300 pieces of air, ground, navy, and missile equipment from pre-1776 and into the future.  Each piece, was selected because of its historical significance – whether American, friend, or foe; like a Tuskegee Airman’s Red Tail P-51 Mustang, a Spitfire, and a German Fokker Triplane.  Or, a Sherman Tank, a WWI British Mark V Tank, and a German King Tiger Tank.  But there are other interesting and even humorous bits of content and scenes like the newly completed Freedom Tower flanked by ghost images of the 9/11 Trade Towers, a Rubber Duck, the Sputnik, a Durham Boat used by Washington to cross the Delaware, the Congreve Rocket (of “rocket’s red glare”), the Korean War Memorial, and the newly developed electro-magnetic rail gun.

These are just a few.

“NoWhere To Hide” not only inspires viewers, but inspires viewers to share it with others.  Recently, I heard the story about a co-worker who had put a copy of it in front of his hospitalized aging great uncle; a Marine who had served on Iwo Jima in World War II.  That uncle found the Iwo Flag Raising Scene right away, but then went silent and misty-eyed as he soaked in more content.  There is also the example of the father who took a print home and used it to teach world history to two high school aged sons who barely understood much of what has happened.  Then, there is the mom who challenged her three grade-schoolers to find the Rubber Duck – then went on to explained what the nearby Liberty Bell meant.

I had a similar experience.  Upon unveiling “NoWhere To Hide” to a group of mixed service members, they also went silent, crowded closer, and erupted into comments and questions.  They, like others, appreciated the content, learned some history and reflected upon their place within it, and concluded that “NoWhere To Hide” is truly different; highly detailed; even amazing.

One can only wonder what kind of impact “Nowhere To Hide” might have on a history or art class.  It goes without saying though, that “NoWhere To Hide” was inspiring to produce, and has been truly inspiring to look at and share.

“NoWhere To Hide” is “A Drawing That Inspires” and is already on display in homes, military bases, places of government, businesses and beyond.  It is on display in America and overseas.

Give thought to whom you might want to share it with… …it will be a very worthwhile experience; for yourself, for others.  And for help, an Inventory List can be secured that locates entries and explains the significance of each.  The list is seven pages long.  The hunt is a challenge!



The illustration and Inventory List can be viewed and purchased on Wiley Studio