About Doc & Dixie Wiley

Dixie Wiley  – Entrepreneur , Photographer, & Decorative Artist

Dixie is passionate about building a legacy of treasured memories with family and friends… through faith,travel, photography, decorative art, skincare, cooking and more.  Dixie’s desire is to inspire and assist others to Experience Life…build memories…and form strong relationships with family and friends.

The RealPlanz Facebook page, this blog and the Wiley Studio portfolio celebrate her passions… travel, photography, decorative art, skincare, cooking plus more.

We hope you will come along for the journey.

Dixie Wiley    specialist@realplanz.com

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Scott “Doc” Wiley – Illustrator, Photographer & Artist
Family:  wife, 6 children, 8 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 1 sister
Military-DoD:  Retired Army / Vietnam Tank Commander and Combat Correspondent
Major Artworks:  Portraits of Patton, Lincoln, Washington / Book – Woodcutter’s Revival / Anderson Downtown Mural / History of Indiana Mural
Production Illustration Experience:  Head Production Illustrator for Ram Graphics / Coordinator of Graphic Illustration for Monon Corporation
Educator Experience:  Public School and Higher Education Art Teacher / Higher Education Technical Graphics Professor
Education:  B.S. / M.A. / Ed.D. in Art Education, Higher Education, Illustration, Visual Perception
Hobbies:  Photography / Travel / Hiking
Current Art Large Projects: Civil War / Coastal / 2 Published Books

Doc has a passion for American History and produces detailed realistic “etched graphite” illustrations from historical photographs.  Research precedes execution – check out the illustrations and photography on Wiley Studio and Scott and Dixie Wiley.

Doc Wiley