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Chocolate Chip Mousse in Mason Jars

  • 03/02/2014

Chocolate Mousse is my favorite dessert!  The first time I tasted chocolate mousse was on my honeymoon…many moons ago.  I don’t remember my mom making mousse, her specialty was brownies and grandma typically made cherry pie.  So I never experienced mousse until I was dinning at the hotel restaurant.

I especially like mousse when layered with chocolate cake…like the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake at The Cheesecake Factory!  When I treat myself to this cake I normally get it to go…so I can just eat a few bites of it each day until it’s gone.  It is heavenly!!!

I’ve  made chocolate mousse a few times over the years including one from Suzanne Somers but wanted to try one made with coconut milk…NOT with avocados…and not loaded with a lot of sugar.  Searching the internet I discovered a recipe at Dying for Chocolate called South Seas Chocolate Mousse.

It’s made with Coconut Milk, Mascarpone Cheese, Bittersweet Chocolate and a little Rum! Very simple to make.  I didn’t melt the chocolate but put the chips in the blender with the milk and cheese…so mine is more of a Chocolate Chip Mousse.  I also didn’t have any rum and didn’t want to wait to make it. So I left it out. Filled my Mason Jars and topped mine off with strawberries.

Chocolate Chip Mousse

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What is your favorite Chocolate dessert?

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