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Coastal Centerpiece for January

  • 01/17/2015

2015” WILL be the year for 12 Centerpieces on our Dining Table…One New Each Month…

It’s January, so I decided this Month’s Centerpiece had to have SNOW…to do this; Epsom Salt…

WE Love Dining By Candlelight – so I selected 6 Candles; 3 on the Glass Block and 3 in the lower Snow.

~ LOVE ~


The Red-Ticking fabric liner in the Basket set the stage for Red Tulips.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Behind the Black Flower Vase is the Longaberger Basket with the Red-Ticking Fabric Liner and then a White Fabric Napkin tucked inside.

You can see the Basket better in the following Photos.


I tried the Black Flower Vase along with 2 Candles on the Glass Block; but eventually settled with 3 Candles as shown in the 1st Photo.

It was just too tall for my liking.


Since our Decorating Style is a combination of Coastal and Tropical; I placed Seashells in the Snow, and the wonderful scent of Coconut fills the air when the Candles are lit.

Can you SMELL them?

The Dining Table and Chairs are made with natural materials like woven Abaca and Lampakanai, Coco shell, Penn shell, leather-wrapped Bamboo and woven Rattan.

Just LOVE our Style!


The “Love Life” Bottle was a Starbucks Bottle painted Black with White Acrylic, Waxed, and Sandpaper Distressed.  The Inspiration for this bottle came from a black T-shirt with a flower and the words…”Love Life.”

Appropriate words for the Beginning of a New Year.


 The Black Mason Jar was painted with Black Crackle and finished with a Hanging Star on Beads.  Three Black Stones etched with a word on each one and be seen in the Snow…”Reflect”, “Strength”, and “Inspire”.

So – Reflecting on this past year; I’ve seen that I’ve been Strengthened and Grown through the things experienced.  This year WE Hope to Inspire you with these Centerpieces, Our Words, KINGDOM Advancing Journeys, Illustrations, and Our Photos.

Blessings for a Prosperous Year filled with Wonderful Memories you Create with Family and Friends.

We do love to read your comments.


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