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Experience Costa Rica

  • 04/15/2016

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Virginia!

Starting to have 70 degree weather…super excited.

Thinking that I need to go for a walk…hoping it will help while I’m battling a sinus infection again.

Using my essential oils for pain, breathing, and anti-infectious.

Costa Rica

Are you ready to pack your bathing suit, hiking boots, camera, and binoculars?  Costa Rica Awaits!

Perhaps you’re looking for a vacation filled with adventure and exploration. Or maybe you’d like to find a unique locale where the entire family can have fun. Or maybe this time around, you just want a relaxing, romantic getaway. No matter what sort of trip you’re looking to take, Costa Rica covers all the bases.

Choose off the beaten path, luxury and custom-tailored, guided vacations, and hotels and resorts in this issue of the RealPlanz Travel eNewsletter.

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