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Faux Mercury Glass

  • 05/17/2015

Just got home from an early morning picnic and photo shoot of Eagles, Osprey, and Blue Heron!

We will be posting pics of them later. We love animal adventures! We witnessed a couple of Ospreys “dive bomb” an Eagle that landed in the Accotink Bay where they were fishing. The Ospreys would dive at the Eagle and then the Eagle would jump into the air and raise it’s talons at the Osprey. Back to the reason for this post.

For now I wanted to shoot and post my new Faux Mercury Glass bottles and Mason jars.  I have read several tutorials and decided I wanted to spray the bottles black first. I started this project last fall and finally finished them last week.

I sprayed them with the mixture of half water and half vinegar.  Then spayed them with the Krylon Looking Glass paint.  Oh yes, I sprayed them on the outside with both the black paint and the Looking Glass paint.  I like to use my bottles with liquids so I didn’t want to paint the inside.

I’m sure I will be painting more bottles with the Looking Glass paint and will try different techniques.

I let the paint dry and then blotted each bottle with a paper towel and the vinegar mixture.  I only applied 3 coats each and was happy with the results.  Of course, after I was finished I read on one tutorial that she let the Looking Glass paint dry about 30 seconds to a minute before using the paper towel.  So I’ll try this next time!

Faux Mercury Glass

So here’s the bottles and 2 quart wide mouth Mason jars in a group hug.  I’ll be posting more pics of them as I begin using them in our coastal decor. I’m sure one or more of them will appear in one of my 12 Coastal Centerpieces for 2015.

I hope you will stop back to see additional photos and how we use these Faux Mercury Glass bottles and jars.

Hope you will leave us a comment!


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