Gettysburg Inspirations

  • 09/07/2015


  A Childhood Fascination – and now another Family Trip…nothing uncommon to some maybe…but a Great Time nonetheless.

Preceding the family visit was a detailed guided tour of the Battlefield – then followed by son Ryan’s Visit – where he said I had my “Full Geek On” as I reiterated  what happened.

He got a new grasp of the vast extent of the Gettysburg Battle on all three days – and was struck by what both sides had done.

Gettysburg – to us – is the Signature Battle of the Central War of American History.

Our thought is that Everyone should go there, think, and absorb.

Each trip we learn something new.

War Is What It Is…so MUCH Happened There…

Varied Pics…All Heart

  Little Round Top

General W’s at Little Round Top


Cordori Farm

Codori Farm became the battlefield


Ryan at Virginia Monument

Private Ryan at The Virginia Monument


Union Artillary

Union Arty In Action


Confederate Stowaway

Butternut Tacoma Stowaway


Segway Charge

Devil’s Den Odd Segway Charge


Ryan at the Angle

Ryan at The Angle


At the Angle

Gettysburg Museum Cyclorama Painting Detail “At The Angle”


Ash's At The Angle

Doc’s Wiley Studio:  “Ash’s At The Angle” – Family Re-Enactment Members Present


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The Heart-Connections to Family Life and Battlefield are many…

At that Former Poignant Time – Military Choices for Commanders on both sides were:  Stay In Place, Retreat, Surrender, Maneuver, or Attack…

The Confederacy Chose to Attack on Day Three.

And now, these many years later, we see the Consequences of Their Decision…

And as always, all family members face the same choices in daily life – and face varied results…

What will you do?

Stay In Place?  Retreat?  Surrender?  Maneuver? …or Attack???

With profound respect for All In America…

Doc and Dixie