Illustration – Holy Cow !

  • 11/13/2016

HOLY COW !!!   CUBS WIN !!!   CUBS WIN !!!   CUBS WIN !!!

The 2016 Cubs World Series WIN prompted the “HOLY COW !” Revision!

Holy Cow!

Because of the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Victory the original 2015 “Holy Cow !” was immediately revised to honor the Chicago Cubs for Our Family which is FULL of Cubs Fans… …Dixie and I were both born in Illinois; Dixie in Chicago – so the Cubs Fan Thing Runs DEEP with us!

The original 2015 “Holy Cow !” was completed on 25 October, 2015 – and space was left for revisions that would commemorate an anticipated future Cubs World Series Win… …and 25 Oct 2015 was also the day our 7th Grandchild – Blake – was Born to Jason and Brittany… …and also, BAM; by the time of the 2016 Cubs World Series Win our 8th Grandchild Sloan was Born to Chris and Hope… …AND OH THAT DOUBLE JOY on top of the NEW CUBS WIN!

Details about “Holy Cow !”…

“Holy Cow !” has a Halo, Harry Caray’s Glasses and Eyes, and an “HC” (Harry Caray) Medallion around his neck – with his oft-spoken Game Words: “Hey Hey” on the lanyard – uttered when the Cubs made a good play… …”Holy Cow” also now has a Blue CUBS Away Jersey – because the WIN was made while in away at Cleveland – in Indian Territory.

“Holy Cow !” is holding a Cubs WIN Flag with Northsider’s Tag, modified Cubs Walking Bear Logo, and the Commemorative 2016 Cubs World Series WIN Year.

Above to the left of the WIN Flag is the Back To The Future DeLorean with Perplexed Goat Driver through open gull wing door and familiar tire flame tracks…. BUT, look Closer at the License Plate on the DeLorean and you’ll see it says: “NOMOCURS” – which Cubs Fans will Get… …and the “DETOUR” Sign points the DeLorean, Goat and curse AWAY from Wrigley Field… …Appropriate.

Above the Goat is a Hard Hit Unraveling Baseball with a the Cleveland Indian Logo with Popped-Off Feather… …and Wrigley Stadium Fireworks…

Look Closer at the revised Wrigley Stadium – the front digital WIN Sign now also displays the 2016 World Series WIN Year to the right of the original 1907 and 1908 World Series WIN Years…


Not To Be Forgotten is Ernie Banks #14 – in the Star Jumping For Joy because of the 2016 World Series WIN!!!  He was, after all, “Mr. Baseball” and he and Harry Carey no doubt had the Best Box Seats to watch THE WIN from!

Finally, the dates of the original and revised “Holy Cow !” Illustration have been preserved in the signature on the center right… …for our new Granddaughters and Family to remember.

“Holy Cow !” …a Thing with Our Family, and with Baseball Fans Worldwide who appreciate the end of a Long World Series Draught for the Chicago Cubs!

Dixie and I were on vacation in Florida; holed up in a 14th floor condo on the Gulf Beach when the 10th Game of the 2016 World Series decided the Cubs WIN… …we went through all the same emotions as everyone else too… …prompting me to sing and shout from the balcony.

I had my Cubs Cap and Jersey on when The WIN came – and wore it while driving home the next day.  When we stopped for gas, an Oriels Fan (cap on) exclaimed:  “You guys had quite a night last night, and even though I’m an Oriels Fan I appreciate the Cubs History – and that they finally did it!”  Dixie and I heard similar exclamations in the following days.  No doubt, even if the Cubs is not your team, you probably like it that the CUBS WON!

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Again:  HOLY COW – GO CUBS !!!


Doc and Dixie