Man Cave Art

  • 01/23/2017

Illustrations, Photographs, and Decorative Art for the Guys!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…  so think about a gift for a Man Cave, Office, Bedroom,  or Workspace… anywhere a guy wants(or needs) to hang or display art.

We’ve chosen a few pieces from Wiley Studio to feature here, with more to choose from on our sites.

NoWhere To Hide” is an illustration created to commemorate all the faithful Military and civilian personnel who have served, are serving now, and will serve in the Defense of the United States; and, as thanks to our Allies, and recognition of our Foes. Click on NoWhere To Hide to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


The Amazing Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Victory necessitated revising the original 2015 “Holy Cow !“; and was appropriately completed on the 2nd of November 2016 – the day the Chicago Cubs sealed their Big Win.  Click on Holy Cow to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


Marmon Win” shows the Marmon “Wasp” (note the wasp-like tail) driven by Ray Harroun winning the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911. Click on Marmon Win to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


“Gettysburg: Ash’s At the Angle” –  Civil War Historians consider this moment the “High Water Mark of the Confederacy”; but the illustration also emphasizes the devastating fire power of the Union Line that stopped what was left of Pickett’s Charge at the “Bloody Angle”.  Click on Gettysburg: Ash’s At the Angle to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


The “Chicago Harbor Lighthouse” stands at the south end of the northern breakwater, and east of the Navy Pier and the mouth of the Chicago River.  Click on Chicago Harbor Lighthouse to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


Recon Dogfight” shows an early aerial photographer with Graflex camera photographing German positions on the Western Front in June of 1917 – from the rear cockpit of a French Dorand AR A2; a reconnaissance biplane in use by Americans flying in the French Lafayette Escadrille just prior to America entering the First World War. Click on Recon Dogfight to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


Land of the Free Because of the Brave“; Celebrating America with our flag.  Click on Land of the Free to purchase Prints, Wall Art, and Keepsakes.


Visit Wiley Studio, Scott & Dixie Wiley, and Wiley Studio Market where more decorative art, illustrations, and photographs are available for a Man Cave, office, bedroom, workshop, or other special place.

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