NoWhere To Hide Illustration Giveaway

  • 05/23/2017


In honor of Memorial Day, May 29, 2017; we are giving away a print of one of Doc’s illustrations.

NoWhere To Hide


Doc created “NoWhere To Hide” to commemorate all the faithful military and civilian personnel who have served, are serving now, and will serve in the Defense of the United States; and, as thanks to our Allies and recognition of our Foes.

Many generations of Doc and Dixie’s families have served or are now serving in several branches of the U.S. military; Doc 22 years in the Army and Army Reserve.

“NoWhere To Hide” is on display in homes, places of government, and military facilities worldwide and contains over 300 pieces of significant historical equipment spanning pre-1776 into future weapons; air, ground, navy, missiles, munitions, etc.

A note from Doc:  “NoWhere To Hide” is full of history and contains many surprising entries.  Need a challenge?  Find the Pet Rock and Kitchen Sink.

An Inventory List and additional details about the illustration and can be found here: Wiley Studio.


To enter to win a 16″ X 20″ print of “NoWhere to Hide” complete one or more of the following; a “comment”, “like”, or “share” and you will receive one entry credit for each response and the winner will be drawn at random.


*Leave a comment below about a family member or friend who has served in the military.

*Like or comment on the giveaway post on RealPlanz Facebook page or Google Plus.

*Share this post with friends on social media and leave a comment below about where you shared the giveaway.

The giveaway will end on May 28, 2017 and the winner will be announced on this blog.

The winner is Kara Thompson!

Doc’s other illustrations, our photographs, and decorative art can be viewed on Wiley StudioWiley Studio II, Wiley Studio Market.

Dixie & Doc

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