Our Recommended Reading for 2017

  • 01/10/2017


I reworked the post since the images didn’t show up in the eNewsletter.

2016 didn’t fly by fast enough… but YAY!… New Years Day 2017 is FINALLY Here!!!

4 books worth reading:

Highlighted; Jeff Olson’s book; “The Slight Edge”.

Jeff is the founder of Nerium International, which offers age-defying skincare products through “relationship marketing”.  I investigated Jeff’s message and products, was convinced, and became a 2016 “brand partner” as a result of the outcomes achieved.  Since high school graduation, I’ve worked in more than one “relationship marketing” business, and Jeff is on to something beyond the norm.

A “spin off” goal; I love helping others achieve their dreams and build their businesses… allowing college students, travelers, moms and dads, and retirees to stay at home, provide income; and work anytime!

Preferring to “self-educate” by reading personal development books and articles… I highly recommend “The Slight Edge”.

What better way to “Start the New Year Right”… …Improve to “stay focused” this year to accomplish multiple personal goals!

Click on “The Slight Edge” to purchase the book.


Following on, the next 2 books have illustrations woven through the story; a touch not always seen these days.

Woodcutter’s Revival is a historical fiction written by Jerry Slauter; illustrated by Doc Wiley.  Click on Kindle eBook at Amazon, or visit Woodcutters Revival for a paperback.


“Fine Line: Passion and Providence” sequels Woodcutter’s Revival and also has illustrations by Doc Wiley.  Click on Kindle eBook at Amazon, or visit Fine Line for a paperback.

And one more recommendation…

“Killing the Rising Sun” by O’Reilly.  Doc loves history… …got it for him for Christmas.

Click on “Killing the Rising Sun” to read reviews and purchase on Amazon.

As always we enjoy reading your comments, questions and suggestions.

What book are you reading now?


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