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Root Beer Float – Summertime Favorite

  • 08/06/2013

In celebration of National Root Beer Float…I fixed myself a Root Beer Float!

My mom introduced me to my first float at either a Dog ‘n Suds or A&W.

Then of course I took my sons to get their first Root Beer Float at the Dog ‘n Suds in Lafayette, Indiana. We also made them at home.

I like my float with Vanilla Bean ice cream.  And here I have IBC root beer.  Also I like Virgils root beer the best. Whole Foods store was out of Virgils my last trip.

Root Beer FloatThe ice cream already melted before I took these shots!

Root Beer Float

Enjoyed pouring the root beer to let the foam pour out over the edge of the mug.

Do you have a favorite root beer?

Or something you add to your Root Beer Float?

I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this one!

A&W Restaurants are offering a FREE Root Beer Float today between 2pm and closing!

Thanks for stopping by!